My Journey

At 23, I am exploring my life deeper than I have ever done before.

Taking chances with new opportunities, making un-conventional decisions for work, and trusting my intuition that if I can vision myself in a certain place/goal in my life, I can get there. All you have to do is TRUST YOUR PROCESS!

My goal with a new blog approach is to share encouragement with those of you who want more but are afraid to try different approaches. ANYONE can take chances and make a risk but the only factors that hold us back is our mindset.

I truly believe I had a breakthrough with my mindset and life choices this year and all I can say is I’m just getting started. With my new posts, I  want to dig deeper and create a more personal outlet. I am and always will continue learning about the growth of other entrepreneurs but will take a step forward and also document mine.

While you’re on my blog, I hope you can take away an exciting read that would spark something inside of you too. I want to live a more transformational live instead of a transactional one. Relationships FIRST before asking for the check. It matters and trust me, the more you contribute to others, the better you will feel about your relationships.

I am not perfect or anywhere close to where I am set out to be but moving forward, I will continue to try my best, be impeccable with my word, not assume, and not take things personally.

Learning & Growing but Never Losing