What is your why factor and…why?

In this time of day, some of you may feel confused, lost, or even frustrated on not knowing what you want to achieve before or after college. Trust me it scares everyone. I felt the same way until I finally realized that worrying will get me nowhere. Instead of worrying, just do! In order to find yourself and to better understand what you are doing, first ask yourself this question; “Why am I doing ______?”

What’s the point of worrying yourself and troubling your mental towards something you cannot fully control at the moment? Pick up a book, talk to a professor, reach out to an individual that is currently in the space you want to be in. It’s tough to learn everything on your own…You can try but there is a pathway already structured from those who have achieved what you want to pursue. It’s all about reaching out for mentors and role models in helping you find your way.

My why: Whatever I create or whoever I interact with I want to leave a positive footprint and benefit for the greater good.

Take it one day at a time! You got this.


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