Convicted to Life in Prison at 17. Now a Social Entrepreneur, Author and Public Figure – Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson’s story behind his current success is not ordinary beyond any means.

Chris was raised in a violent neighborhood in D.C and his only way of escaping the current trends were by reading and being a dreamer. While Chris was a teenager his mother was dating a crooked cop who was abusive towards his family. Chris was convicted to life in prison at the age of 17 after an unfortunate event where he was protecting himself and incarcerated an individual. Chris knew that he wasn’t a bad person which motivated him to use all the courses offered at the prison and keep his goals crystal clear. While he was in prison, he knew there had to be a way to leave prison so he started creating his master plan.  Chris sent a copy to the judge and the judge informed him he would let Chris free if he finishes his master plan. With his ONE CHANCE, he used education as a key path out of prison and never stopped his journey of being a social entrepreneur ever since.

I met Chris at the University of Baltimore where we are both enrolled in the Entrepreneur Fellows program. This university gave Chris a new chance in life where after prison he obtained a job, full scholarship, started public speaking and now published his first book. I want to thank Chris for his time and contribution to the Baltimore community.

The leap and story behind it

” I made a terrible mistake when I was young. I was arrested at age 17 and was charged as an adult and sentenced to natural life in prison. I’ve always believed that I had a good heart and after being sent to prison, It forced me to reevaluate the way I was living my life. The biggest thing I wanted to change obviously, is that I wanted to be free again. And I mean really bad!”

The tipping point/motivators of your life when you put yourself into action?

“The tipping points and/or motivators in my journey was when I made the decision to only surround myself with good people. It made all the difference in the world to have that positive influence as well as the moral support in my orbit at all times. I doubt I would have made this far without a handful of people. This is true even today.”

What changes occurred in your life after taking the leap? Health, wealth, happiness?

“All of the above, especially 2016. It was the best year of my life thus far. Someone recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday (I just turned 38!) and I didn’t even hesitate to say “nothing…I have everything I need”. I’ll never stop doing meaningful work though.The wealth will follow. Those two combine makes me happy”



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