From Homeless to Professional Athlete in Europe.

I had the chance to meet my good friend Jasmine through a flag football league in Montgomery County and her story of being where she is right now will inspire you.

Jasmine is young, 23 year old professional basketball player located in Bosnia. Before achieving her professional contract abroad, Jasmine has experienced life events which fed her motivations to become a professional athlete.

1.) What led you to where you are now?

We were homeless. Didn’t have many clothes, went days without eating and we were going left to right between our relatives houses. Since then it was my dream to bring my family out of the ghetto and towards a better home environment. My parents had an abusive relationship during these times. Our parental situation got so severe my mother was constantly put in the hospital. After some time, my mom broke it off with my father and started rebuilding her life again.”

2.) What was a changing point in your life that led you to your goals?

One of the largest moments that completely changed my life was when my grandfather died the day before my biggest basketball game in high school. My grandfather was an amazing, loving Christian man who was the backbone of our whole family. Dedicated to the ones he loved at home and in church. His inspirations were to always inspire the youth and gather them together. On January 7, 2010, I remember talking to him hours before his death about my game and him asking me if I was ready. It’s funny because he would always be the one at the top of the bleachers cheering for me the best he could. That day impacted me so much I wanted to take my own life. I ran out the door aiming for the street but my older brother stopped me reminding me that I have to live for the family. My purpose of life has not been met and from that point on I knew it was my job to make it.

3.) Now that you’re here, what was your biggest lesson?

Now that I’m 23, I look back at everything and realize how truly blessed I am to even have come this far. From being homeless, to living in violent areas where you would find bullets coming through the windows, to almost losing my life from two horrible accidents, almost being in a situation where my mom tried to give up and finally losing the biggest role model to my life…I can truly say I am blessed be here and a child of God. I want to continue to encourage and be the example to young people that you CAN still become something no matter what you go through. Don’t ever stop what you are doing, God has a plan for everyone! And he would NEVER put you through something you can’t handle…

As I say to everyone… If it wasn’t for basketball I would be dead but instead I’ on top and counting this bread! 

Thank you Jasmine for your story and contribution to those who don’t know when to keep going. We ALL can learn that through some of the hardest times, we GAIN experience, stamina and more motivations to take us to the next level. Keep killing it and sending love from the DMV.

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