Self Awareness and Hustle Mentality. “Don’t read this if you’re a teacher” 

It’s been a crazy week and I’m thankful for all the events that happened for my growth. I’m currently at the beach right now but I keep rewinding what happened over the weekend and earlier this week. 

Last weekend, I had the chance to work with an amazing group of girls as hair models for a Paul Mitchell event. We all came in three days prior to the show not knowing each other and open to changes in our looks. The team we worked with was amazing and on show day after our hair and makeup glowup we were glowing with confidence. This moment made me so thankful to be part of this experience. Not only was this a successful event but during the preparation of the show, I was able to connect with the girls that I was working with and make a great connection for future work with the team that was working with us. 

Then comes the last day of class on Tuesday. One of my professors was teaching his last class ever (my class) for a program he started. Of course, he wanted to share his wisdom and I was open to hearing what he had to say. During his wisdom speech, he kept telling me and my classmates that we are NOT “team players, strategic thinkers, etc” and I spoke up. For an entire semester, this man has been shitting on his past students and current students and I was not going to let him continue his “wisdom speech” talking the way he was. The conversation got heated to the point where I called him out for being arrogant, a professor who doesn’t care about his students, and most importantly someone who lost a true passion in the art of teaching where one becomes cynical. One of the best comments he said to me was “you know nothing, you’re a student. I’m a professional so I have a degree of authority”. Mind you, I have never spoken to a professor like this before. 

Yes, I am a student that came here to learn BUT, that’s no way to speak to your students who have been tolerating your flawed program and teaching methods. That’s the problem when someone likes to abuse their power, they belittle others who are not in the same level of authority and try to demand respect while being disrespectful. You want to talk real world? Yeah, I didn’t handle that argument in a scholarly way but if you had spoken to ANYONE outside the university the way you did, they wouldn’t take it either. There is a fine line between never taking someone else’s constructive critism and knowing self where there is a tolerance level of what is being said towards them. There’s so much we can learn about from each other and a life lesson I learned from that event was how to handle conflict in a professional manner. It matters and I did not handle it the way I should have. 

After that fiasco went down, my professor finally let the students speak. We shared our feedback on how this systematic program should be restructured. If you don’t listen to what your students have to say, you will hear it one way or the other when the time comes. 

Couple days later, I’m at the beach with my boyfriend and I had a phone interview with a Tshirt company that needed someone to manage their social media accounts with advertising and content. I was nervous but at the same time I was confident in myself knowing that all I had to do was give my best.

Two hours later, landed my first ever client from working online. This was a rollercoaster week that paid off. My dream is to work in my own hours, creating freedom of location and freedom to choose my own rates. 

TLDR: The best type of learning experiences come from failing over and over again. The best type of teachers are those you can learn from about their failures, strategies and networks. The WORST type of teachers are those who try to use their “authority” and believe they know more than those who are “lower” than them in a systematic learning structure. 

Hoesntly, I’m going to walk that stage on May 24th with a chance of not receiveing a degree if that professor fails me and IDC. I worked five years for a piece of paper that has the University brand on it which I don’t really care for. 

I’ve been working hard but now simce it’s finafuckinglh over, I’m about to hustle, build, compile, network and WORK my ass off for my future. You think I can’t make it because of what you saw in the University setting? I’m just getting started man. Im excited as hell to leave a University setting because of its constrictions on what I want to pursue. I’m done taking “required classes” that I could care less about. I realized after your class how stupid it is to “teach entrepreneurship and GRADE entrepreneurs”. After that realization I guess you can call me woke on the fact that the only way to be a true entrepreneur is to just fucking go after it, fuck up, LEARN and MOVE FORWARD. 

How do you grade that? Idk, ask your 4 students that passed your entrepreneurship class with an incomplete grade. 😹

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