Jenn Shin – CEO of Jenn Shin Studios

Interview with Jenn Shin.

I had the pleasure in getting to know Jenn better and it was amazing to hear what she went through during her leap in creating her own salon. Personally, I have never met someone who has been through what Jenn has and still kickass with her hustle. Jenn’s passion and motivators drove her to take huge risks to achieve where she is now. While talking to her, I realized that she followed her intuition in following what makes her happy while pursuing her passion. Before Jenn became the hair mogul she is today, her previous path of life was very different. She was en route to becoming an FBI agent but when life gave her lemons and she made a freakin lemonade stand. Jenn told me how she wanted to pursue her dreams and break through the goals she set for herself in remembrance of her mom. I am so proud of what Jenn has accomplished in her life so far and no doubt, her mom is watching above cheering for her


Question 1: Why did you take the leap towards your goals? What was the biggest thing you wanted to change in your life before gaining your success? 

To be honest, the biggest reason I took that leap is simply because I was unhappy. I needed to shake things up a bit and give myself more to work towards. I needed to accomplish this for myself. This goal had always been a goal of mine, but I just never knew how far or how close it really was for me. The biggest thing I wanted to change in my life before gaining any form of success would be that lack of happiness, so I did.

Question 2: What was the tipping point/motivators of your life when you put your actions towards your dream? 

My lovely boyfriend, Tim, was the biggest support system for me and next would be my amazing friends. I have to admit, opening your own salon is difficult but I think I also had a lot of things going on outside of that which made the process more stressful. At the end of the day, your friendships go through a ‘natural selection’ type of ordeal, and you find out who is a real friend and who unfortunately isn’t. It takes a life-changing moment such as that to truly sort that out. It’s bittersweet.

Question 3: What changes occurred in your life after taking the leap? Health, wealth, happiness? 

Jenn Shin Studios officially opened on January 6, 2017. Its now the beginning of June, and I can say, I am so proud of it. I’m proud of my assistant, Cara, who is 19 years old but can slay some hair all day. I’m grateful for my supportive clientele who have shown nothing but love to me since day 1. I’m stunned by the connections I’ve made with stylists all over the world, and I am blessed to be healthy and well.

Change is good, so remember to always embrace it! Never EVER let anybody tell you that you are not good enough or that you won’t make it. Use that negativity as your fuel to propel you WAY past where you ever thought you’d be. If I can leave a few words with whoever is reading this, I’d like to just say: Never…. give up on yourself.

I will never strive to be “perfect” in my craft because perfection is a limit – and I don’t have limits.


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