How I Got Chosen to Assist Team USA in The Winter Olympics

I can’t believe it’s finally happening but I am traveling to Korea next week to start my Olympic journey. After a full year and a half of applying, interviewing, and training, this all feels like it’s happening so soon.

The top question I have been receiving from a bunch of people is “how TF did you get this gig?!” 

First off, I don’t know a single person in the National Olympic Committee or Team USA’s committee so this case isn’t the whole “who you know” schpeil.

I simply applied.

I applied at the end of first semester senior year in college in August 2016. The application was still open and since it was in Korea I literally said “fuck it, why not“. I didn’t apply because  I knew someone could “hook it up” or get my foot in the door. What’s funny is I knew someone who had a friend living in Korea that did not get the volunteer position which surprised me.

It took a really long time for the Winter Olympic Committee to get back to me for an interview. Approximately 5 months. My boyfriend Victor saw this unravel from the start. He saw how nervous I was about not getting the position and how stressed I was about waiting to even hear back from them.

Finally, after my Skype interview with the committee, they realized I could speak intermediate-fluent Korean so I was accepted to volunteer in April 2017. This waiting game took 8 months and then it took the rest of this year to prep, finalize my itinerary and get financially prepped for this trip. It feels unreal to get emails from Team USA saying things like “welcome to Team USA” but honestly, I am finally warming to the fact that this might be one of the best experiences of my life.

I chose to apply and wait for this opportunity because at 23 years old these are the types of stories and experiences I want to go through. The stress of being financially prepared prior to my trip was extremely rigorous and stressful but thanks to the help of my family, family friends, and Victor I was able to prepare smoothly.

Finally, me plus 10 other assistants will be working with Team USA’s athletes in the athlete villages located in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, Korea. We were told that out of the 900K+ applicants who applied internationally and in Korea, we were a small selected few to assist directly next to Team USA.

It’s fucking crazy and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it but while I’m there I will be creating a weekly vlog on what goes on to show a ton of visuals.

Stay tuned and don’t ever be afraid to just TRY. It doesn’t hurt

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