Flying Out: The start of this crazy ass journey 

I spent an amazing final week in Maryland with my family, friends, and Victor. It didn’t hit me that I was leaving until I waved my final goodbye before heading to TSA. It was hard to let go and accept the fact that I’ll be away from my loved ones for 2 months but I know that they are excited for me and I want to share all of my amazing moments with them through video content, blogging, and of course KakaoTalk (korean messaging platform… Issa joke). Although it was hard to leave home, I cannot wait to land in Korea and start this amazing journey.

But before I get too excited, I want to reflect on the road leading up to this journey

This past year was all about preparation, hustle, vision, and a ton of ‘planting’. 

When I say planting, I mean eating shit and being super broke but keeping myself on track to welcome the blessings that would come in. I picked up two restaurant jobs on top of my social media marketing and was constantly stressed out about financing my trip to Korea, paying for expenses to prep for my career, and wanting to invest but not having enough money to get started.

When I look back I realize that depending on my perception of the situation, it would influence how I felt/acted. Perception is key and I knew I had to change my lenses of the situation in order to make things work out.

2017 taught me to be more patient, know that IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP, & reminded me that everyone that made it to high levels of success worked their ass off for it.

This last reminder helped me mold my situation into my own crazy but beautiful growth story.

As I sit in my final flight to Korea from Istanbul, I am finally warming up to the fact that all my hard work, patience, and struggles are blossoming. All of the moments leading up to this where I felt like I couldn’t continue was fucking worth it.

During the 10 month wait period before leaving, I felt challenged in different facets of my life. I had thoughts like “why am I doing this… How am I going to support myself for two months…fuck…what about my relationship?” I had to stop myself and reflect on the vision I had of this journey when I applied in August 2016. My vision was to support Team USA in Korea and be reminded of my cultural roots.

Nonetheless I want to show  passion, love, and support for my home country USA.

To those of you working towards something, I applaud you.

Whether it be grad school, a new job, or trying to find out what you want to do, remember that nothing comes from shortcuts but EVERYTHING COMES FROM PUTTING IN HARD WORK & STAYING VISIONARY.

I felt inspired about applying for the Olympics from shadowing Victor at a ton of his University of Maryland athletic events.

Fun fact! (if you haven’t known by now…I literally told everyone 😂 )

Victor was the University of Maryland’s very own  Testudo. I wanted to experience what it’d be like to work with professional athletes and national game operations just like Victor did. The amount of passion, energy, pride, and spirit that I saw first hand through shadowing Victors’ work is something I will always remember.

That being said, whenever it comes to hardships and moments where you literally feel like you can’t make it on the other side.. just know that there is always a solution. It might take some more time and effort but that’s how you keep winnng.

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