Culture Shock in Korea

It’s been a full week that I’ve been spending time with my family in Korea. I haven’t been to Korea in almost 10 years so seeing everyone makes my heart really full. My moms side is all in Korea. You can imagine how hard it is for her at times to be in America without any of her siblings. As I go out with my family and enjoy all the places they want to take me, I am also always stared at right before I even say anything. Not in a bad way but it’s like I surprise people in Korea that I am Korean as well.

Eating mannerisms, drinking mannerisms are totally different here. Drinking with friends versus drinking with an adult at the table means a couple things, if you see an adult has an empty glass it has to be filled in a proper way. One hand holding the bottle and the other holding the inside elbow of the arm pouring the drink. Also, another cool drinking mannerism is when there is an adult at the table, after doing any cheers younger folks have to turn to the side and drink. It took me a couple times to get used to that part but they all understood.

I’ve noticed a trend in Korea that seems to be extremely widespread. Right now, everyone is wearing a black surgical mask 😷, a long puffy jacket, and thin circle glasses. Its interesting how conservative Korea is when it comes to style and outer appearance. Almost everybody walking around has at least one of the three items I listed above, pretty interesting.

As I’m narrowing down to the final week with my family before PyeongChang, one thing that hasn’t changed is the amount of love and support my Korean family has shown me ever since I got here. I met my grandparents at the airport for the first time because they offered to pick me up from the airport. We spent two days together in Seoul and it truly felt like I’ve known them for a long time.

Although the cultures are totally different between America and Korea, I wanted to come early so I can really be surrounded by this country’s culture and more importantly, spend time with my family that I haven’t seen in years. As I write this I’m sitting on a heated floor mat on a small circular wooden table haha. Oh and it’s cold AF here…..heard it’s around 60 in Maryland.

Stay warm and I’ll check back next week with my first actual Olympic post




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