First Week of Training in Gangneung Olympic Park

Holy shit training is already on day 4

It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many international volunteers all serving separate delegations for the Olympics. Since we are coming from abroad, we have a super condensed schedule for training every day up until we get to meet our Chief de Mission – who will be in charge of our delegation’s business. Delegation is a country that we are assigned to. For example, my delegation is Team USA.

So far, I got to meet amazing people from the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, and of course USA. The pool of the NOC assistants here are mixed with experience from every level. Many NOC assistants have traveled to Rio, Sochi, London, and Beijing to serve delegations as well and I figured one thing…

Once you’re an NOC, you’ll always be an NOC working in the games. Not just Winter but also Summer games. It must be a culture here to look forward to the next games after finishing the current.

It’s really incredible to hear so much insight and expertise from assistants that have done work in the past. Some pointers also included to treat this opportunity like a business trip and create good relations with the delegation you are assigned to. Delegations have the final say in who they want assisting them and quite a few people that are here working today were rejected at first but then requested by previous delegations that have worked with them.

Although I am representing Team USA, I have to keep a “neutral” attire while working because I am not working UNDER Team USA but under POCOG. Which means Pyeongchang Organizing CommitteeΒ of Olympic Games. Of course, I am going to show love to my team and represent them but I had to learn the hierarchy and the basic mannerisms of being an assistant.

Currently, all NOC assistants are accommodated in a dorm-style housing in a university very close to the Olympic area in Gangneung. The first couple of days we had issues with transportation but in a super short amount of time, our managers and organizers came through with better transportation in a turn-around time less than 24 hours. Incredible.

I am capturing so many clips throughout this experience so far but our athletes are not yet in town and we are not expecting them to come in until early February.

I know this experience is going to FLY so I’m going to rest, recharge, and get going for tomorrow. Truly is a life-changing moment to be here writing this in Korea.


Stay WARM! It’s cold AF up here lol

My new amazing friends all the way from Finland and Netherlands. Behind us is the Alpensia resort where snow sports will be held.

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