Facebook Marketing


Finding a way to create a story behind WHY I serve people with what I do is something I find crucial for anyone that doesn’t know me.

My name is Meejee and I have been doing social media marketing for a little over a year. The reason why I wanted to pursue online marketing for businesses is that I find my true satisfaction from seeing results for the people I work with. Making sales is important but at the end of the day, we’re all people and we don’t want them to feel bombarded with sales pitches.

With today’s need for online presence, every business should prioritize reaching out to a potential audience online. Not just through scheduled posts on your HubSpot or LinkedIn, but using Facebook where billions of users are actively checking this platform 6-8 times a day. I’m not saying it’s preferable to dump content on the people you’re trying to target but find ways to tell a story and your WHY factor behind your business.

There are way too many businesses these days wanting to manipulate, solicit, and even bribe people to BUY their products without figuring out WHY they should trust you.

Imagine, you’re able to financially slash your old-school marketing efforts by creating something more visual, direct, and personable online under $5 a day.

Every month I offer 5 FREE FACEBOOK AD SERVICES*

This includes finding a potential audience using interest targeting, creating the campaign all the way to the ad and implementing scaling methods. Why? We offer a free service to help you get leads while we use the results as a case study for future clients. Of course, we ideally want to bring leads to your business as well.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact us today! We only have 5 spaces available for free service every month.

Give Me Free Facebook Ads!

*Client pays for all ad-spend. Waiver and service cost are free during trial period. Trial period ends after $250 ad-spend. 


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