Just a 23 Year Old Making The Most of Her Youth

Hi! My name is Meejee but I like to be called Meeg. It seems more homey to me and comfortable! I was born and raised in Maryland and wasn’t the perfect student growing up lol I almost failed college as well but that’s another conversation. Anyways, I originally created this blog to create posts about entrepreneurs who made the most of their life to highlight the hard work that actually needs to go into growing a brand. While doing this, I totally blindsided my own brand. As I continue to build posts about my personal growth and experiences, I hope to get feedback from my readers on the good and bad. Life shouldn’t be about doing something because you feel you have to. What do I mean? At this time of my life I’m keeping an open mind on what I really want to pursue. Nothing conventional, everything memorable and worth the wait.YOUTUBE CHANNEL ->  MISKO KIM YOUTUBE CHANNEL